ALBANIA: Joust. - Time, Monday, Dec. 22, 1924, електронен архив


Monday, Dec. 22, 1924


There is nothing more natural, especially in a backward country, than a desire of an ousted Premier to turn around and oust the fellow who ousted him.

In June, Bishop Fan Stylian Noli, Harvard graduate, ousted Premier Ahmed Zogu from the government of Albania. Ahmed, it was feared, was getting too efficient. Peace reigned until the other day, when Ahmed began to joust with the Premier-Bishop to see if he was to remain ousted or could oust the man who ousted him.

Meantime, the Albanian Legation at Rome said tersely: "Such news is groundless. Perfect tranquillity prevails throughout Albania."

But report continued to have it that the joust over the oust was a fact.