Brubaker, R. Religion and nationalism: Four approaches. - Nations and Nationalism, 18 (1), 2012, pp. 2-20

Religion and nationalism: Four approaches
Brubaker, Rogers
Blackwell Publishing London
Описание: Статия от известния изследовател на въпросите на нациите и национализмите Роджърс Брубейкър, публикувана в списание Nations and Nationalism, 18 (1), 2012. Тип файл PDF. Размер на файла 231 KB.
Език: eng Страници: 2-20
Ключови думи: статия ; The Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism ; Nations and Nationalism ; национализъм ; нация ; религия ; етничност ; ислямизъм ; реформация ; секиларизация ; Нова история ; Съвременна история ; Съвременна история на Балканите ; 2010-2020 ; 2012 ; XXI век
Бележки: Building on recent literature, this article discusses four ways of studying the relationship between religion and nationalism. The first is to treat religion and \ nationalism, along with ethnicity and race, as analogous phenomena. The second is to specify ways in which religion helps explain things about nationalism – its origin, its power or its distinctive character in particular cases. The third is to treat religion as part of nationalism, and to specify modes of interpenetration and intertwining. The fourth is to posit a distinctively religious form of nationalism. The article concludes by reconsidering the much-criticised understanding of nationalism as a distinctively secular phenomenon.
Бележки: Nations and Nationalism, 18 (1), 2012