Sluglett, P., M. Hakan Yavuz. War and Diplomacy: : The Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878 and the Treaty of Berlin. Salt Lake City, 2011

War and Diplomacy: : The Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878 and the Treaty of Berlin
Peter Sluglett ; M. Hakan Yavuz
The University of Utah Press Salt Lake City
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Ключови думи: Russo-Turkish War ; 1877-1878 ; Treaty of Berlin ; unitary nation-state ; Balkan Wars of 1912–1913 ; Muslim liberal reform
Бележки: PART I. EUROPEAN DIPLOMACY AND THE ExcLUSION OF THE OTTOMAN "OTHER" 1. The Transformation of"Empire" through Wars and Reforms: Integration vs. Oppression p 17 2. European Equilibrium or Asiatic Balance of Power?: The Ottoman Search for Security in the Aftermath of the Congress of Berlin p 56 3. Benevolent Contempt: Bismarck's Ottoman Policy p 79 4. The Ottoman Eastern Question and the Problematic Origins of Modern Ethnic Cleansing, Genocide, and Humanitarian Interventionism in Europe and the Middle East p 98 PART II. THE EMERGENCE OF THE BALKAN STATE SYSTEM 5. Muslim and Orthodox Resistance against the Berlin Peace Treaty in the Balkans p 125 6. The Establishment of Serbian Local Government in the Counties of Nis, Vranje, Toplica, and Pirot after the Congress of Berlin p 144 7. The Ottoman Wrong Horse?: The Question ofBosnia and Hercegovina in the Last Phase of the Eastern Crisis p 165 8. The Berlin Treaty, Bosnian Muslims, and Nationalism p 198 9. Agents of Post-Ottoman States: The Precariousness of the Berlin Congress Boundaries ofMontenegro and How to Define/Confine People p 226 10. A Reassessment of the Macedonian Question, 1878-1908 p 253 PART III. THE BEGINNING OF THE END IN EASTERN ANATOLIA: THE MASSACRES OF ARMENIANS 11. Patterns of Conflict and Violence in Eastern Anatolia Leading Up to the Russo-Turkish War and the Treaty of Berlin p 273 12. From Millet-i Sadtka to Millet-i Asiya: Abdiilhamid II and Armenians, 1878-1909 p 302 13. Template for Destruction: The Congress of Berlin and the Evolution of Ottoman Counterinsurgency Practices p 351 14. The Hamidiye Light Cavalry Regiments: Abdiilhamid II and the Eastern Anatolian Tribes p 382 PART IV. ETHNO-RELIGIOUS CLEANSING AND PoPULATION TRANSFERS IN THE BALKANS AND THE CAUCASUS 15. Ignoring the People: The Effects of the Congress of Berlin p 429 16. The Treaty of Berlin and the Tragedy of the Settlers from the Three Cities p 449 17. Two Different Images: Bulgarian and English Sources on the Batak Massacre p 479 18. The Rhodope Resistance and Commission of 1878 p 511 Conclusion: On the Road Back from Berlin p 535 Glossary p 561 Chronology of Ottoman History (1828-1909) p 563 Bibliography p 565 Contributors p 597 Index p 599