Gingeras, R. Sorrowful Shores: Violence, Ethnicity, and the End of the Ottoman Empire, 1912–1923. Oxford, 2009

Sorrowful Shores: Violence, Ethnicity, and the End of the Ottoman Empire, 1912–1923
Ryan Gingeras
Oxford University Press Оксфорд
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Ключови думи: Съвременна история на Балканите ; Турция ; Османска империя ; национализъм ; етничност ; Мала Азия ; ХХ век ; 1910-1920 ; 1920-1930 ; Първа световна война ; Албания ; черкези ; Гърция ; Армения ; Мехмед V ; революция ; етнически конфликт
Бележки: Contents List of Abbreviations xiii Map of the South Marmara xiv Introduction 1 A Note on Geography and Sources 8 1. Before They Became Turks: Immigration, Political Economy, and Identity in the Pre-war South Marmara 12 New Elites, New Identities: Revolution, Class, and Identity during the Young Turk Period 13 Resident Aliens: Reassessing Native Armenians and Greeks in the Ottoman Empire during the Nineteenth Century 19 The Mountaineers: North Caucasian Migrants and the Ottoman State in the Nineteenth Century 23 Bandits or Bureaucrats: Albanian Migrants and the Ottoman State in the Nineteenth Century 30 2. The Politics of the Condemned: The South Marmara during the First World War 37 Boycotts and Refugees: The CUP’s First Steps 38 ‘Tehcir’ for All: Reassessing the Wartime Deportations 41 The Condemned Come Home: The Return of Non-Muslims and its Immediate Aftermath 52 3. In the Company of Killers: Crime, Recruitment, and the Birth of the National Movement in the South Marmara 55 Killer Patriots: Circassians and the Origins of the Ottoman Clandestine Service 56 Under the Reign of Gunmen: Paramilitarism and Instability in Wartime South Marmara 65 Turning Back the Clock: Origins of the Turkish National Movement 68 After Izmir: Contriving a Military/Bureaucratic Response 71 Cetecilik: Arming the Movement 77 4. The Politics of Revenge: The Rise and Fall of the Loyalist Opposition in the South Marmara 81 The Loyalist Confederacy: The Sultanate and the Opposition to the Kuva-y? Milliye 83 Blood Feuds: The Prelude to Rebellion 86 ‘Protector of the Government and Slave to the Shariah’: Reconsidering the Rise of Ahmet Anzavur 94 A Village Saint’s Last Act: The ?Izmit Uprising and the Death of Ahmet Anzavur 104 5. Separatism, Violence, and Collaboration in Bandit Country: The South Marmara during the Greek Occupation 107 The Onset of Occupation: Greece, Britain, and Non-Muslims 108 ‘Those who stay will be destroyed by our hands’: The National Movement under Occupation 113 From Rebels to Collaborators: Circassian Paramilitarism and the Greek Occupation 118 Resistance by Another Means: The Move towards Circassian Separatism in the South Marmara 123 6. Settling Accounts: Circassians, Albanians, and the Founding of the Turkish Republic 136 Killing Anzavur’s Ghost: Republican Politics and the End of Circassian Resistance in the South Marmara 138 The Unwelcome Prodigal Sons: Albanians and the Contradictions of Turkish State Building 148 Conclusion 166 Appendix 1: Cast of Characters 171 Appendix 2: Glossary of Terms 182 Notes 185 Bibliography 239 Index 253